Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of The Lake House Denmark day to day, hour by hour business philosophy is to ensure we provide our customers the uplifting, connected and happy experience when they slow down and enjoy the good things of life and the magic of The Lake House Denmark.

Our philosophy has always been to inspire our customers, to provide a memorable experience every time someone visits our cellar door and restaurant, or sips our wines, tastes our Vinofood or uses our WineSpa products.

Why We Do What We Do

We wanted to open a business that would enrich people’s lives where life slows down and people tune into nature and connect with themselves and others. We are all social beings and enjoy interaction, connection and communication. These things nurture and inspire us, and when life slows down we have time to feel truly alive and loved.

We created a brand that reflects our sustainable ethical behavior and viticultural farming practices, personal integrity and authenticity. A brand that encapsulates the amazing journey from soil to bottle and paddock to plate.

We find fulfillment and meaning in our own lives when we research and develop our products and then see our customer’s enjoyment and satisfaction when they experience what The Lake House has to offer. This is ‘why’ we do what we do.

Wine, food and people are the core of what we do and the overall customer experience is our reward. We are passionate about educating our customers on what differentiates our full flavoured cool climate wines, our delicious Vinofoods and our nourishing WineSpa products.

A Sense of Community

One of the great things about working and living at The Lake House Denmark is the variety of different people doing different things. Locals, interstate visitors and international traveler all meet here. Men and women in business attire, people relaxing, taking photos, parents playing with children, joking and having fun or simply enjoying a piece of chocolate cake. Couples deep in conversation, retired folks sipping a wine and lots of people taking time out having lunch by the lake.


Home is normally our ‘first place’ of connection where we engage with others, and work our ‘second place’ of connection. Then there are special public spaces like The Lake House that are ‘third places’ to connect with others and re-connect with ourselves. From the very beginning The Lake House set out to provide an environment where people can connect and a sense of community can be experienced.