10 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship

Here are 10 romantic things you can do this month of love, to ensure you give your relationship the time and care it deserves.


How’s your #yearoflivingwell going? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, don’t forget to book a table for lunch by the Lake this Valentine’s Day. While we’ve got you, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on you and your relationships. They are, after all, a big part of how you live your life.

One of the most important relationships is the one you hold with your partner, but it’s often the most neglected. With work, kids and/or technology taking up most of your day, it’s easy to push your relationship to the wayside.

But living well isn’t just about work/life/kids balance – it’s about building, nurturing and nourishing your relationships, and that starts by ensuring you spend quality time with the people that matter to you the most.

When was the last time you spent time with your significant other, doing an activity you both enjoy (and no, watching TV doesn’t count!)? We’ve had a bit of a think and have put together our top 10 ways to share the love with your husband, wife or partner in 2020, because it wouldn’t be much of a #yearoflivingwell without them.

  1. Savour a feast.

Whether you choose to cook up a gourmet dinner (try our Vinofood products for some inspiration in the kitchen) or head out to your favourite restaurant, take time to enjoy the good food and great company that’s right in front of you. Relish the sights, the smells, the taste and the moment, breathe it all in and store it away for the memory books.

  1. Share a bottle of wine.

All you need for this activity is your favourite bottle of wine and two glasses. Turn off the TV, get rid of any distractions, find a comfortable spot (try the kid-free couch or right next to our lake) and start pouring. Then, start talking. A few glasses down and you’ll find the words won’t stop flowing.

  1. Watch the sunset.

A quintessential “romantic activity”, watching the sunset is one of the easiest ways to share a #lakehousemoment with your favourite guy or gal. West Aussies are truly blessed with the best sunsets (the ones we get here at the Lake House are phenomenal), which should be enjoyed a lot more than they are. Added bonus – they’re free!

  1. Pick up the phone.

Ever had those days where you both leave the house for work without so much as a “hello/goodbye”? Add a quick lunchtime phone call into your weekly routine and give yourselves a chance to catch up. A simple check-in to see how your partner’s going is bound to brighten their day.

  1. Run a bath.

Simple gestures can go a long way. Partner had a rough day at work or just going through a stressful time? Treat them to a soothing bubble bath (Psst! We’ve got the perfect ingredients for a relaxing soak).

  1. Write each other a love note.

What happened to love letters? Penning a poem for your muse. Writing down the 10 things you love about them. Reminiscing over your favourite moments spent together. Let’s bring back the love letter. It doesn’t have to be long – in fact, it could just be three simple words. Whatever you write, we know your partner will appreciate it, especially if you rarely wear your heart on your sleeve.

  1. Share a Spotify playlist.

Mix tapes might be no more, but Spotify playlists sure are. Why not surprise your partner by putting together a playlist just for them? It could feature the songs that remind you of them, the ones you played at your wedding or even your first date. Once they’ve listened to your list, get them to make you one in return.

  1. Go for a walk.

The benefits of going for a walk are more than just getting some fresh air and exercise. We believe that time slows down in nature – all those pressing issues, quarrels and deadlines melt away and the present becomes more in focus. Stretch the legs around our beautiful lake or take a walk through our vineyard. Bring your partner along to reap the natural therapy and clock in some quality time.

  1. Book a class.

Looking for something new to do a as a couple? Book a class or workshop that you can both take part in. It could be a cooking class, pottery or live drawing. You’ll never know what you might discover about your partner and what the both of you can achieve together.

  1. Relive your first date.

Remember that butterfly feeling you first felt when you met your partner? Bring it back to life by recreating your first (or favourite) date. It’s one guaranteed way to bring back the romance.


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