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10 tips to save time in the kitchen

We’d love to cook up delicious, hearty and wholesome meals every single day of the week, but the truth is, we don’t always have time. These timesaving kitchen tips and tricks will do wonders for you, your sanity and, most importantly, your belly. Ten tips to save time in the kitchen   Plan ahead. Into lists? So are we. Make [...]
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Lesson # 4: Save time so you can gain time

Focusing on mindfulness and wellbeing is all well and good, if you’ve got the time. But when your week is brimming with tasks, time can be hard to find. However, it’s not out of reach! Here are 10 timesaving tips to help you save time, so you can gain time. 10 tips to help you save time   Prepare for [...]
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Beetroot Hummus & Avocado Toast

Our beetroot hummus and avocado on toast is a quick and easy lunch option or great to serve as a canapé. Make a big bowl of beetroot hummus to have on hand when you need. You can also change the toppings. Try with some rocket or goats cheese and our Vinofood Balsamic Shiraz Glaze goes very nicely drizzled over the [...]
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Lesson # 3: Embrace the simple pleasures

In this modern age, we’re so overloaded with information, content and general digital noise that we tend to forget the simple pleasures in life. We too often get bogged down by negative news, overflowing inboxes and endless social media feeds that we miss the little things that make our lives all the more enjoyable. Today, we identify some simple pleasures [...]
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Lesson # 2: Slow Down to the speed of life

Six-am spin class, a breakfast smoothie, Weeties for the kids, the morning school run, the 10am ‘brain drain’ (aka the daily work meeting), your third coffee, the lunchtime meeting (forced overtime), a visit from Jan in accounts, school pick-up, your fourth coffee, cooking dinner, putting the kids to bed, plonking your head on your deflated pillow… Sound familiar? We’ve all [...]
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Mulled Wine with Red Wine Syrup

Winter is a great time to spend getting warm and cosy with a wood fire, delicious comfort food and of course a glass or two of warming spiced mulled wine – just perfect for those cold, wintery days and nights. Our Spiced Red Wine Syrup, packed full of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise, makes it so quick [...]
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