Spoil your mum on Mother’s Day

Looking to make Mother’s Day special this year? Here are our top ideas to make it memorable.


Mother’s Day is always a special time of the year when we get to celebrate our mum and all that they do for us. She spends so much time treating you, why not take a moment to treat your mum? At The Lake House Denmark we sure love our mums, and as such, have put together our favourite ways to spoil them, even when we can’t always be with them. 

Pick some flowers for Mum from your garden.

By far one of our favourite tokens of gratitude, a bunch of flowers is a simple-yet-effective gift guaranteed to impress. Especially if you have grown them yourself. If you are not the green thumb type there are wonderful pots of colour available at nurseries at this time of year or your local florist will have some beautiful arrangements as well.

Bake her a cake.

A slice of home-baked cake and a cuppa is a great way to treat your mum. Why not make her favourite, or even better you could make it together and share it with the whole family.

Create a hamper full of delicious treats and goodies.

Not quite sure what to get your mum? Why not buy lots of little treats and goodies and make it into a hamper. Display everything in a beautiful bowl or basket that she can use again.

Organise a Zoom party

Can’t get everyone to be with Mum this Mother’s Day? Why not set up a family get-together or mother-child Zoom video date? It’s fun, it’s easy and it gives you a chance to stay connected.

Write Mum a letter.

Why not take some time out to write your mum a heart-felt letter? She’ll appreciate the sentiment and she’ll get a special handwritten gift to keep too.

Conduct a family wine tasting.

This is a fun way to get everyone together and to try some varietals that you haven’t tasted before. Get everyone to taste together, make notes and then compare. You might find anew favourite!

Stroll down memory lane going through a photo album.

Re-visit fond memories by going through a family photo album together. Or create a new custom photo album for your mum to cherish for years to come. Who doesn’t love going through and reliving blissful times.

Take a stroll in nature.

Spend some quality time with your mum and enjoy a leisurely walk around your local botanical garden or park taking in all the sounds of nature. It will do wonders for the both of you and you get to spend some one-on-one time catching up.

Take a selfie.

Add to your family photo album by taking a selfie with your mum. Its a great way to remember the day whatever you decide to do and if you can’t be with your mum send her a photo of the two of you together with a thoughtful message.

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