A Wine Profile: Riesling

Riesling: One of the stars of the Great Southern

Being the Great Southern region’s star white wine, Riesling is one of our favourite wines here at The Lake House Denmark. The Riesling wines that reign from this region are ranked amongst Australia’s best and we are here to share some insight into the beautiful world of this stunning grape variety.


Riesling’s natural home is the cool climate of Germany; it is hardy in cold weather and is said to express its origin or vineyard better than any other grape variety. The grapes enjoy growing in high altitude, sloping vineyards and adore the mountainous terrain and soil. Winemakers throughout time have always strived to preserve the pristine purity of this grape variety due to its immaculate and delicate palate. Riesling wines are renowned for their minerality, sky high acidity and high aromatic intensity.


~ Nose ~

Rieslings are certainly an aromatic grape variety with pronounced fruity and floral aromas. When a Riesling vine is young, aromas of citrus and apple fruit are prevalent however as a Riesling gets older, it begins to develop varying degrees of floral and mineral aromas. Rieslings are renowned for their exquisite aging potential. It is a grape variety that develops completely new flavours the longer it sits in the bottle.

As a Riesling starts to age, flavours such as toast, honey, beeswax and aromas that are often compared to kerosene and even petroleum are developed. Believe me, a whiff of petrol is more pleasant than it sounds, and it is most definitely a unique quality that only a Riesling has.

~ Palate ~

The specific fruit flavours in the wine are determined by the level of ripeness in the grapes at the time of harvest. Styles of Riesling can range from dry to sweet and from light to full body. Grapes that are picked just-ripe showcase wines with flavours of green fruit (apple and pear) and citrus (lemon and lime). As a variety that retains acidity extremely well and builds up sugar and flavour slowly, Rieslings are suitable for late harvesting in regions that have dry sunny autumn conditions. Extra ripe Riesling grapes display flavours of stone-fruit (peach and apricot), tropical fruit (mango and pineapple) and sometimes even dried fruit.

To preserve the Riesling’s delicate floral aromas, winemakers choose to ferment the wine in stainless steel tanks and not mature it in oak. The robust flavour of the oak barrels can very easily overpower the delicate flavours of the Riesling and disrupt the clean and pristine palate of the wine.

In the Great Southern

The lower temperatures and cooler climate of our Great Southern region are able to provide the perfect habitat for Rieslings to thrive and grow. Riesling vineyards are found growing in Denmark, Mount Barker and the Porongurup Ranges. Even within our Great Southern region, Rieslings that grow in these different sub-areas can differ vastly in personality.

Our Postcard 2021 Mount Barker Riesling which shows off the warmer inland temperatures of the region produces a wine with lovely fruit weight with red apple and passionfruit along with high acidity. Our Premium Reserve 2021 Porongurup Riesling that faces lower temperatures, higher altitude and mountainous terroir displays plenty of zesty, bright and citrus flavours with gritty minerality.

Food pairing

Rieslings are fabulous partners to food and its natural acidity and citrus palate is an ideal choice for rich, creamy dishes or fresh seafood. Creamy lemon pasta dishes with fresh seafood such as prawns, crab and mussels are a perfect match or even a seafood platter. This grape variety is also food-friendly to serve with Asian inspired spicy dishes and Middle Eastern dishes with plenty of zing.


Rieslings To Try

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