10 Ways to treat mum on Mother’s Day

Want to treat your mum this Mother’s Day? Celebrating all things mum is easy with these 10 ideas.


Homecooked meals. The best bear hugs. Freshly ironed clothes. Sage (often “I told you so”) advice. She spends so much time treating you, why not take a moment to treat your mum? We at The Lake House Denmark sure love our mums, and as such, have put together our favourite ways to spoil them, even when we can’t always be with them. 

  1. Pick some flowers for Mum.

By far one of our favourite tokens of gratitude, a bunch of flowers is a simple-yet-effective gift guaranteed to impress. Can’t visit Mum or source any beautiful blooms? Get a bespoke bouquet from a local florist delivered to her front door.

  1. Send Mum a hamper full of delicious treats and goodies.

Who doesn’t like to indulge every once in a while? Give your mum the perfect reason to, with a lavish gift hamper filled to the brim with yummy things. Our Rose Picnic Hamper might just do the trick. Or why not make up your own gift hamper. Just select the items you want and in the comments section let us know to make into a hamper. We will add a gift card for you as well.

  1. Organise a Zoom or Houseparty

Can’t get everyone to be with Mum this Mother’s Day? Why not set up a family get-together or mother-child Zoom or Houseparty video date? It’s fun, it’s easy and it gives you a chance to stay connected.

  1. Write Mum a letter.

Why not take some time out to write your mum a heart-felt letter? She’ll appreciate the sentiment and she’ll get a special handwritten gift to keep too.

  1. Bake her a cake.

Haven’t baked a loaf of banana bread yet? Yeah, us neither… (eats slice of banana bread.) Show Mum you know how to fend for yourself and bake her a cake.

  1. Host a fancy dinner party at home.

Happen to live with Mum? Host a fancy dinner party for her at home, complete with candles, wine and a butler service.

  1. Treat your mum to a live performance.

Does your mum love ballet? What about theatre, opera or comedy? If you can’t take Mum to the show, bring the show to Mum! Get creative this Mother’s Day and treat your mum to a live performance created by and starring you. The backyard makes for a perfect stage, and the family the cast and crew.

  1. Sign Mum up for a masterclass.

From pottery and painting, to making cheese or learning photography – there are plenty of unique, interesting and fun masterclasses that you could gift your mum. Find one you’ll both enjoy and use the class to spend some quality time with her.

  1. Buy Mum a subscription to her favourite magazine or audiobook.

Remind Mum how much you love her every month, by treating her to a year-long subscription to a magazine or audiobook. If she’s into music, try making her her own Spotify account and filling it with playlists you know she’ll like. It’s the 2020 equivalent of giving her a mixtape, with the added bonus of her being able to take it everywhere she goes.

  1. Book her in for lunch by the lake.

Why not give your mum something to look forward to and book her in for lunch by the lake? It’s a great way to get back into nature and enjoy good company and great food. You can also opt for a gift voucher, so that she can use it when she wants on what she wants.

For more gift ideas, head over to The Lake House Denmark Shop.

Gift Ideas For Mum

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