Our Team

Our team is the foundation of everything we do. They are the warm and friendly greeting you receive when you visit our cellar door and restaurant. They are the ones who process and pack every order, make sure the gardens and the vineyards are well-kept and that our food and products are of the highest quality.


GarryGarry Capelli, Owner/Managing Director/Vigneron

With a background in architecture, marketing, design, business planning and development and leadership training, Garry left Perth in 2005 to live in the country (and go back to his country roots, he was born in Kalgoorlie) and start a new life and business adventure. Without any previous experience running a vineyard or making wine Garry set about learning all he could about the wine industry with the aim to produce high quality wines that capture the richness of the region.

Nowadays, Garry has a very active interest working with the viticulturists in the vineyard and the winemakers at the winery to ensure that only the highest quality wine is bottled for your drinking pleasure.

Garry is a big picture, strategic thinker and knows that it is easier to build a future if you have a jigsaw top to work with. With this knowledge Garry has been able to use his expertise and experience to build a successful business and a strong, well respected national wine brand.


At Leeuwin March 2015Leanne Rogers, Owner/CEO

Leanne joined Garry on his country adventure, and has had a very hands-on role in the growth of The Lake House Denmark. With a career in retail and finance Leanne used her skills plus her love of ‘making things’ to develop and evolve the business. Her passion for ‘doing everything’ has seen her work in all aspects of the business from hand-crushing fruit, spraying the vineyard with biodynamic preparations, running the cellar door and restaurant, as well as a ‘chef’ in the kitchen. She has also created and developed the recipes and look and feel of our Vinofood and WineSpa ranges.

As CEO, Leanne oversees the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the business, including the continued growth and development of The Lake House Denmark, Vinofood and WineSpa products.

Cellar Door & Restaurant Team

Our friendly front of house team are the first people you will meet at our cellar door and restaurant. You can be assured of a warm greeting, customer focused service and knowledgeable and qualified wine tasting during your visit. Our team in the kitchen produce great dishes for you to enjoy whether you are here for lunch by the lake, coffee and cake or just a snack.

Vinofood Team

In the Vinofood kitchen there is always the sound of endless chatter and laughing. Everyday our Vinofood production team prep, cook, and bottle our wonderful and unique gourmet condiments that bring so much flavour to our food. Starting early in the morning the smells waft through the cellar door tempting all who visit.

WineSpa Team

Our WineSpa team look younger and younger every year. Imagine being able to work with essential oils and antioxidant and anti-aging creams all day! Our WineSpa team works on all the beautiful smells that make up our pure and natural skincare range, WineSpa.

Vineyard Team

Working all hours of the day and night our guys (and girls) in the vineyard have just one focus – producing the most perfect fruit for our wines. Whether it is pruning the vineyard, harvesting the fruit, putting nets on or weed and pest control everything they do is all focused on vintage when we pick. Then the cycle starts all over again for another year.

Maintenance & Garden Team

Our property wouldn’t look as good as it does at all times if it wasn’t for our maintenance and gardening team. From mowing the lawns, to weeding and pruning they look after all aspects of our grounds and gardens to make them beautiful in all seasons.

Administration & Support

Behind the scenes in the wine business there are a lot of numbers to run, schedules to plan, stock to control and manage as well as communicating with our sales channels and vineyard team. This is all handled by our administration and support team who organise everything and makes sure that we are steering in the right direction and that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

Sari, Wine Dog

Our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Sari is very much a people dog and loves to greet everyone that visits. You will often see her wandering around the gardens. Sari featured in Wine Dogs Australia 4 book and will also be the ‘September’ dog in the 2017 Wine Dogs Australia calendar.

Pinot, Wine Cat

Found in the Pinot Noir vineyard in 2007 our black cat, Pinot, was easily named. As she isn’t a real people cat you won’t get to see her at the cellar door as she only makes very rare appearances, but you can still catch her in the afternoons walking in the vineyard by the lake.