12 Happy Living Tips To See You Through 2021

Happy Living Tips

The Lake House Denmark’s 12 happy living tips


Fallen off the “live well feel well” bandwagon? Nothing beats a New Year to get your mind, body and soul back on track… If you need a little motivation, here are 12 happy living tips that you can implement over the next 12 months to get you refocused on mindfulness, gratitude and wellbeing.


January is the perfect month to kickstart your 2021 happy living journey. It gives us a chance to reflect on the previous year – what went well, what didn’t, what we want to change – and to set ourselves some goals on how we’ll keep living happy this year. What happy living goals do you want to kick in 2021?


While we’re all for focusing on team me, there’s often another person or persons who make up team we. Use the month of love to really nurture the meaningful relationships in your life and celebrate the people who fill it with those warm and fuzzy feelings. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, take your special someone out for a feast or savour a bottle of your favourite vino together.


If last year taught us anything, it’s to treat ourselves and others with more kindness, respect and understanding. Being kind isn’t hard to achieve, plus it benefits both the giver and the recipient. Need some kindness tips? Check out these 10 easy ways to be kind to others.


Rituals are a great way to help you focus on mindfulness, wellbeing and slowing down. This month, why not create some everyday rituals to include within your daily routine? It can be as simple as scheduling in some time to appreciate a nice homebrewed pot of tea or making sure you do a five minute meditation before you start work.


May is a great time to check in on your sleep routine. If you’ve got a busy schedule, chances are that you’re not getting enough snooze time. We like sticking to a fairly strict bedtime schedule – bed at the same time every night, no matter what, and up at the same time in the morning. We’ve seen this pattern work wonders for our bodies’ rejuvenation; we feel fresher, happier and better prepared to take on the day.


Lacking a little mindfulness? Think back to a moment where you’ve felt calm, refreshed and balanced. Perhaps you went for a walk along the beach, breathing in the fresh sea breeze while waves lapped at your feet. Maybe you gazed up at the beautiful night sky, watching the stars and constellations twinkle and shine until the early hours of day. Or, maybe, you found yourself by our Lake, sunning outside on our wooden deck, well fed, well rested and well indulged… Whatever the moment, recreate it.


If you’re about ready for a digital detox, Unplug this July by making it a point to go somewhere without your mobile phone or electronic device. Try going for a walk in the park, having a tech-free lunch with family and friends or enjoying a pamper day sans the iPhone.


What’s one of the simplest yet most-effective ways to be kind? Giving someone a compliment. Make someone’s day by doing just that. This is one of our favourite happy living tips because it’s just so dang easy to do and will put a smile on both of your dials.


Live in a concrete jungle, or simply spent way too much time inside this year? Spring into the great outdoors this September and embrace nature. A bit of fresh air can do wanders on the mind and body, as does stretching the legs and getting a heavy injection of Vitamin D.


Living well means eating well, so don’t forget to make sure you give yourself plenty of chances to inject good things into each and every meal. Good things include fruit and veg as well as those indulgent treats like chocolate, ice cream and fondue.


It’s not every day we give ourselves the chance to actually stop and do something we really want to do. Celebrate you by celebrating something you absolutely love doing this month. Bake something extravagant, paint that self-portrait or enjoy that bottle of Lake House vino.


Well done – you made it to December! Keep those good vibes flowing by reflecting on 2021 and how well you went at achieving your happy living goals. What goals did you kick and what goals do you still have to make? You’ve still got a whole month to make them happen, so get yourself into gear and do some last minute happy living.

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