Christmas Lessons from the Lake

Here’s our top tips for surviving Christmas
so you can really give yourself a break.


Food, wine, family and friends. Christmas is filled with plenty of good things, but it is also a magnet for stress, overeating and little rest. Here at The Lake House, we’ve put together a tried and tested Christmas Survival Guide that’ll get you through any merry mess.

Give yourself a break

Christmas is a time for giving, so don’t forget to give yourself a break. If that means relinquishing your annual Christmas party hosting duties or putting an end to visiting multiple family functions in one day, then do whatever it takes.

Get enough shuteye

Does Christmas Day leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued? Overeating, drinking and lack of sleep all contribute to the post-Christmas blues. Head to bed early Christmas Eve to ensure you make it through Christmas Day. And why not try to sneak in a snooze between the booze and food?

Plan your Christmas Day

Prone to breaking your New Year’s resolution before it’s even been made? Whether it’s drinking too much or feasting in excess, you can avoid temptation by planning ahead. Start by setting yourself some ground rules (like sticking to three main meals), then add in a reward (like an extra present post-Christmas feast, or a lavish lunch by the lake during summer break).

Opt for quality over quantity

If there was ever a time to splash out on something a bit more special, it would be at Christmas. And you’ll be better off for it, trust us. Instead of binging on cheap wine (and ending up with a thumping headache the next day), why not enjoy a few glasses of Lake House Denmark’s Postcard series, or Premium Reserve instead? You’ll appreciate it more, as will those you share it with.

Buy a few extra bottles of wine for unexpected guests

Did Aunt Muriel forget to RSVP to the family get-together, and now you’re scrambling to find her a gift? Or maybe the neighbours dropped by with a handmade hamper and you didn’t get them a thing. Never fear, your cellar full of Lake House Denmark Wines is here! We’re big advocates for a fully stocked cellar or ‘emergency present’ drawer (stock up via our online hamper and gift pack store), which have saved us from the awkward one-way present swap.

Stay hydrated

We’re pretty good at eating and drinking, but looking after our health during Xmas? That’s open to debate. One of the easiest ways we keep our bodies in check is to drink plenty of water. The benefits are obvious – water flushes out any nasties, rejuvenates the skin and combats fatigue.

Slip, slop, slap.

Aaaahh, Australia. You bring us snags on the barbie and sizzling Christmases by the beach. Whether you’re planning to enjoy the festive season in the great outdoors or not, it’s wise to slip, slop, slap.

Share a little love

When was the last time you actually told your family or friends just how much you love them? Well now’s your chance! A little gratitude can go a very long way in making someone’s day, as well as put a smile on everyone’s dial.

Make a list, and check the budget twice

Christmas may be the season for giving, but it’s also the season that most hits our bank accounts. Need a way to lessen the blow? Set yourself a budget factoring in presents, food, wine, travel and those sporadic nights out, and stick to it. Alternatively, try filing away a set amount of money each month, so you’ve got a decent Christmas present fund that’ll make things a lot less rough.

Give, not waste.

Appalled at all the wastage left over after your Christmas feast? Making a conscious effort to reduce waste is as simple as using less disposable goods (like opting for the China rather than one-use-only plates), buying presents that aren’t made out of plastic and recycling wrapping.

We hope these Christmas tips help you make the most out of Christmas and the season of giving. From all of the team at The Lake House, we wish you a safe, happy and merry festive season.


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