Embrace the simple pleasures

In this modern age, we’re so overloaded with information, content and general digital noise that we forget the simple pleasures in life. We often get bogged down by negative news, overflowing inboxes and endless social media feeds that we miss the little things that make our lives all the more enjoyable. Today, we identify some simple pleasures that bring us happiness every day.

A hot bath or shower
There’s something oh-so-soothing about soaking in a bathtub (bubbles optional) or having a steamy hot shower. The best thing? It forces you aware from your digital devices and makes you focus on me, myself and I.

New sheets
Wriggling between the sheets of a freshly made bed. Need we say more?

A glass of wine
Whether you’re enjoying bubbles with friends or sipping on your favourite tipple while cooking, a glass of wine is an easy way to enjoy the finer things in life.

The crackling of a fire
Nothing quite beats cosying up by the fire in winter. We could literally spend hours watching a fire’s flames dance and crackle.

The smell of rain falling (Petrichor), the sound of rain falling, the feeling of rain on your skin, rain in general.

Enjoying a warm brew first thing in the morning. Then again in the afternoon. And maybe one at night… Plus the smell of roasted coffee beans. Divine.

Conversations with friends
Caught up with a friend for a casual afternoon drink and now it’s 3am? How time flies when you’re having fun!

Picking fruit and veggies that you’ve grown yourself
There’s something incredibly satisfying about picking your very own fruit and veggies – we certainly get an incredible sense of achievement every time we harvest the spoils that grow in our kitchen garden.

Singing in the car
Adele, Sia, Whitney. We’re singing you, and we’re singing you loud and unashamedly (well, at least until we get to the traffic lights).

Watching the sunrise and/or sunset
Every time we catch the sunrise or sunset, we’re reminded that we live in a truly magical world.

What are some of the simple pleasures that brighten your day?


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