About Porongurup Wine


A unique mountain-lined backdrop provides the perfect growing conditions for some of the best cool climate wines in Australia.

Monolithic granite boulders surrounded by a sea of ancient karri trees greet visitors in Porongurup, an awe-inspiring destination that’s loved both for its vast, other-worldly landscapes and its penchant for producing top-quality, cool climate wines.

Location and history

Located just east of, and on the same latitude as, Mount Barker, Porongurup is an idyllic country town a four-and-a-half-hour-drive from Perth. Just 20 minutes from Bluff Knoll and the stunning Stirling Ranges, Porongurup is also where you’ll find the famous Porongurup Range, the sky-scraping Granite Skywalk and several vineyards, including one of ours. The first signs of viticulture were recorded in the early 1970s, when 2 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon were planted at the Bolyanup Vineyard in 1974. Since then, the area has gained itself a reputation for producing fine grapes and exemplary cool climate wines.

 Great Southern Wine Region

Along with Denmark, Frankland River, Mount Barker and Albany, Porongurup is one of five sub-regions that make up the lauded Great Southern Wine Region. Stretching a whopping 200 kilometres from east to west, and 100km from north to south, the Great Southern Wine Region is the largest in Australia. Due to its vast size and spread, it features different terroirs and conditions – including Mediterranean through to maritime climates – resulting in unique wines that distinctly reflect their natural surrounds.

Porongurup wine

Although small, Porongurup is one of The Lake House Denmark’s favourite grape-producing areas. While incredibly easy-on-the-eye – think vineyards lined by misty mountain peaks – it’s its Mediterranean climate, with a mean January temperature of 19 degrees Celsius; and long ripening season, with grapes harvested in mid-March through to May, that make the region stand out. It’s these conditions that are responsible for producing exceptional quality fruit, which lend themselves perfectly to fine glasses of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. But Porongurup is perhaps best known for its Riesling – a crisp, citrus style that competes fiercely with drops from Eden and Clare, and constantly leaves our winemakers (and their wine critics) impressed.

A premium reserve

Want to taste what all the fuss is about? On the top of our must-try list is our 2019 Premium Reserve Riesling – an unwooded drop featuring intense floral, citrus and passionfruit fragrances and mineral spicy aromas. On the palate expect initial flavours of green apple, which then lead to a richer mid-palate of tropical passionfruit and end with a classic, crisp lemon and lime combination. Paired perfectly with fish or a fresh and tangy salad, this Riesling is one to be savoured, no matter if you’re on top of the clouds in the Porongurup Range, or cooking a hearty dinner for the fam.

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