Experience The Lake House on a Plate


The Lake House’s gourmet vineyard platters are more than just delicious spreads. As co-owner Leanne explains, they’re our winery, its beautiful setting, our food philosophy and our why combined on a plate 

When we first moved to Denmark (back in 2005), we were drawn to the town’s beautiful countryside. It made sense, then, that we ended up owning our own property featuring everything that we had first fallen in love with – towering trees, vines and our very own lake. The property, tucked down a quiet country road, forced us to slow down and tune into the nature surrounding us; something we rarely got the opportunity to do when we used to live in Perth. Soon, we became accustomed to living what we call “the good life”. We got to embrace slow living, connecting to the land and eating, sleeping and being well.  

We always knew we wanted to share our little piece of paradise (and the good life) with friends, family and guests, so we opened The Lake House Denmark’s Cellar Door and Restaurant soon after. The cellar door part was easy enough; the property was already home to flourishing vines, so making wine was a no-brainer. But when it came to the restaurant… Well, we didn’t want to be just a café, and a fancy fine dining restaurant wasn’t us. Instead, we decided to create an experience where our visitors could get a genuine taste of a good life seven days a week. For us, that meant a tasting journey that embodied The Lake House – its rustic, country charm, tranquil, calm atmosphere and deep connection with nature. For us, that meant gourmet vineyard platters.  

The best thing about gourmet vineyard platters is that they’re simple and yet, they have this wonderful ability to showcase more than just food on a plate. They also allow us to create our own unique flavours with our gourmet Vinofood condiments range which we make onsite. They give a naturally delicious flavour to every mouthful, like a WOW for your taste buds.

When you order one of our platters, you get a selection of our favourite produce – from our homemade condiments and locally sourced cold cuts, to our homegrown veggies and delicious South West cheeses – and if you’re particularly good at stacking food on top of crackers, you can literally taste Denmark in one bite. You sit in our rustic cottage with views of the lake, or outside, surrounded by flowers and greenery, in our country garden, and get to connect with nature, while enjoying good food and company. And to tie the whole experience together, we open a bottle of your choice of Lake House wine, pour you a glass and let you sit back and relax all afternoon.  

Here at the Lake House, we’re not about frills and thrills, but the simple, the natural, the beautiful and the delicious. We love creating a taste of the good life, one platter at a time, and hope you can come and experience it soon.  

Leanne x

Create your own Lake House gourmet vineyard platter at home

Warning: Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence to sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premised; or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises.
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Address: 106 Turner Road, Denmark Western Australia 6333. Telephone 08 9848 2444.