Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day picnic by the lake

Looking for something different to give your loved one? Try these heart-felt Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


If you’re looking for unique and creative Valentine’s Day gifts to give in 2022 to make your Significant Other swoon then you are in the right place. Lucky for you, there are plenty of out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day gift ideas that’ll get their heart to croon.

Here are some of The Lake House Denmark’s favourites.

  1. Give a gift that keeps giving

If you’re a romantic like us, you probably believe celebrating your love for someone shouldn’t be reserved to one day… So why not gift them something that’ll remind them just how much you care for them, every single day? One of our favourite Valentine’s Day gift ideas is to write your SO letters or messages for each day of the year, then let them open one every morning for 365 days. If that’s a little over the top for you, try gifting them an annual subscription to their favourite magazine, food hamper or, Lake House Denmark wine.

  1. Recreate your first date

Candlelit dinner, handholding in the cinema or grooving to Queen – no matter how you first “got together”, chances are, you remember what and/or where you ignited those first romantic sparks. Rekindle those flames by recreating your very first date, right down to the cliché venue, cheesy music and era-specific (now who’s showing their age) outfits.

  1. Embark on a treasure hunt

Got a modern-day Sherlock or Enola Holmes for a partner? Then treat them to a sleuth-worthy Valentine adventure. Organising a treasure hunt can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it. Start by picking the location/s you want your partner to visit, throw in some brain teasers or questions that relate to your relationship, and don’t forget to leave behind a bounty of treasure.

  1. Host your very own wine tasting

Is it even Valentine’s Day without a little sweetness and a generous drop of vino? Instead of just gifting a bottle of plonk, though, show your SO you’ve put more thought into Valentine’s Day than a quick trip to the bottle shop. It’s easy to host your very own wine tasting at home – just choose a couple of different wines and matching snacks. Don’t know what food pairs well with what wine? Try this beginner’s guide to food and wine pairing.

  1. Have a romantic picnic in the forest or by the sea

The great outdoors, your favourite condiments, a basket, rug and a bottle of wine. When combined, these ingredients make a wholesome date that’s delicious, easy and loads of fun. The star ingredient to a successful picnic, though, would have to be a dreamy setting. Here are our top five favourite picnic locations in Denmark, but if you’re not close, we suggest making a trip to your nearest forest or beach.

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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