5 Fun Mother’s Day Activities

Double Chocolate Waffles

Planning to do the same activities this year for Mother’s Day that you do every year? Why not mix up the routine and surprise her with one of our 5 Fun Mother’s Day activities. Your Mum will feel extra special and loved!

Take Brunch to the Next Level

Brunch is a great activity for Mother’s Day and its great to cook some pancakes and maybe have a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate. This year you could take it up a notch and create a theme around something that she loves, like her favourite flowers, or colour or even from a movie that she adores. You can prepare the food, set the table and even dress up, all created around the special theme you have created just for your Mum. If you are having waffles and your Mum loves chocolate, create a chocolate theme, like our recipe for Double Chocolate Waffles with our Vinofood Mandarin, Chilli & Shiraz Chocolate Sauce. I’m sure there are lots you can add around this theme.

Create a Scrapbook

With everything being digital these days its lovely to look at printed photo’s in an album. Maybe print off some photo’s of you and your Mum and create a special photo album just for her. Or if you still have old photo’s lying around  it’s a great idea to create a scrapbook. You can go all out decorating it. Your local craft store will have loads of ideas and crafty things like stickers and specialty papers to include to make it unique and special for your Mum.

Pack a Picnic

Yes it’s autumn and the weather is starting to turn but sometimes we get those spectacular autumn days where the skies are blue, the sun is out and the temperature is just right. If that’s the case pack a picnic and take Mum down to the local park or the river. The kids can play in the playground and you can sit and have a lovely afternoon. Pack a picnic lunch or stop by a coffee shop and get coffee and cake to-go. If you are down this way then pick up one of our Picnic Hampers to enjoy down by the lake or take away to a special spot. That touch of sun will boost the soul.

Have a Day Spa at Home

Who doesn’t love a day of pampering and your Mum will feel extra special if you actually pamper her. You could create a voucher so she knows what she is getting. There are loads of ideas, big and small that you can do. Paint her nails, giver her a foot massage or hand scrub. Maybe a bubble bath with a glass of sparkling followed by a facial. You can even give her a gift of spa products so she can re-live her experience after the day. Think Lake Botanicals – body cream, body butter, body oil.

Have a Movie Night

Make some popcorn, get out the pillows and blankets and give Mum a front row seat to your movie theatre. Let her sit back and relax while you watch her favourite movie together or let her pick a new release movie out to enjoy. You could even have an interval where you get a snack and a hot chocolate.

Make Mother’s Day Special

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