Our Favourite Wine and Cheese Pairings


Here are our favourite wine and cheese pairings

At The Lake House Denmark we love cheese. It features on all our vineyard lunch platters along with lots of wonderful flavours created from local, fresh produce and of course our Vinofood condiment range that we handmade onsite, which was created to accompany cheese. So to say we were a little bit excited about National Wine and Cheese Day on 25th July 2022 is a bit of an understatement.

To celebrate we have pair some of our favourite local Western Australian cheeses with our wines. We couldn’t think of a better combination to celebrate – cheese and wine – what more can we say. Here are our favourite wine and cheese pairings:

Yallingup Cheese Fetta + PC Sauvignon Blanc

Our crisp, seamless and fragrant Postcard Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pairing for the Yallingup Cheese Company’s marinated fetta. The saltiness and intensity of the fetta calls for a bright and zesty wine to stand up to it and the herbaceous, grassy notes in our Sauvignon Blanc will complement the delicious marinade. On the finish, you’ll find the acidity of the wine balancing out the creamy, smooth palate of the cheese.

Dellendale Brie + Reserve Sparkling White

Just as bread and cheese marry well together, Denmark’s Dellendale Creamery’s Brie and our Premium Reserve Sparkling White are just as much of a power duo. The mild buttery and earthy notes of the brie is complemented with the toasty bready flavour of our bubbly and the crisp effervescence of the wine is just what your palate needs to cut through the cheese’s rich creamy texture.

Blue Cow Capel Club Cheddar + PC Cab Sav

A rich, complex and sharp cheese such as the Blue Cow Capel Club Cheddar needs a companion just as robust and full-bodied. The perfect partner is our Postcard Cabernet Sauvignon that embodies fine elegant tannins and a flavoursome body. The long lingering finish of the wine demands a cheese like the cheddar that is just as bold and will hold its own with it.

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