Cabernet Sauvignon cheese pairings

Cabernet sauvignon cheese pairing

The best cheeses to pair with Cabernet Sauvignon

Looking for a mighty fine wine that pairs effortlessly with cheese? Aged in oak and characterised by dark fruits like blackberries, plums, black currants and cassis, as well as flavours of vanilla, cedar, chocolate and coffee, Cabernet Sauvignon is a delightful, medium- to full-bodied red that’s perfectly complemented by several cheeses. Need a little help figuring out the right Cabernet Sauvignon Cheese Pairings? Here’s where to begin:

What Cheese to Buy

Cab Sauv is a hearty, full-flavoured red that tastes great with cheeses like aged goudas and cheddar. These semi-hard/hard style cheeses help to elevate the dark fruit flavours of the wine, making them two of the best Cabernet Sauvignon cheese pairings.

What Cheese to Avoid

On the flip side, it’s best to avoid teaming medium- and full-bodied Cab Sauvs with soft-ripened cheeses as they tend to accentuate the tannins in the wine, resulting in a chewy, unsatisfying experience on the palate.

What Pairings to Try

Full-bodied Cab Sauv with Cheddar

Bought a classic cheddar? This hard cheese is ideal for matching with bold red wines like our full-bodied 2018 Premium Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon as it’s fat content counteracts the high tannins in the wine.

Medium-bodied Cab Sauv with Goat Cheese

For a medium-bodied Cab Sauv, like our exquisite 2018 Premium Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (matured for 18 months in oak barriques and designed to cellar to 2030), try a goat cheese with a mild creaminess. This style of cheese helps bring out the fruity aromas of this variety.

Young Cab Sauv blend with Aged Cheese

A young Cab Sauv blend with light tannins works great with aged cheeses. We suggest pairing our 2019 He Said She Said Cabernet Merlot which has a complex mid-palate of spice, chocolate and velvety tannins leading to a long, toasty coffee bean finish, with gouda.

When in doubt

Opt for an aged cheddar, gouda or Gruyere, as the complex flavours of these cheeses can stand up to a Cab Sauv’s long finish.

Fancy a drop of Cab Sauv? Browse our range of beautifully structured reds today.

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